Create/Modify an obituary notice :: Step 1
Choose the type of notice you want to insert.
For each type, you can click on the link to see a few examples.
 Basic obituary (available 1 month) 0 € Examples
 Standard obituary (available 3 months) 0 € Examples
 Full obituary (available 1 year) 0 € Examples
If you wish, you can prepare a space on which the visitors of the site can leave you a message of condolences.
 Condolences service 0 €
From now on till the end of the process, please use the left and right arrows below rather than the "previous" and "next" buttons of your browser.

If you leave the page, while writing, to visualise another page from the site, you can call back your notice by using the column on the right.

If you close your browser, you will lose your notice and you will have to start all over again.
Click here to have an explanation for the fields
2.Particulars of the deceased
5.Pay or validate
Family Notices
Obituary notices in Switzerland
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