How to create an obituary notice

To properly write an obituary notice , follow our example notice by downloading the following file :

How to create your obituary notice (22/03/2004 - 103 KB)

This file contains a completed example notice which explains the fields that were there when you encoded your notice.
For every field you will find its explanation as well as a short example.
The fields with an * are only in the "full notice" form.

When is the notice posted ?

When you click on the menu "Place an obituary", you may start encoding your obituary notice. The progress of the notice can be seen at any moment.

Your notice will only be posted immediately after you have completed the payment online . If you close your browser's window before completing the payment, the notice you have created is deleted

Whereas, once you have completed the online payment , you will receive an access code which allows you to bring changes to your notice whenever necessary.

How to send the link to the notice by email to my address book ?

Once your notice created and paid for, you will receive with your access code a direct link to your notice. You may then copy and paste this link in the email that you are going to send to your friends and relatives. On receiving your email, they will be able to directly have access to your notice by clicking on the link.

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