This site's only purpose is to offer a dignified, widespread and easy diiffusion of obituary notices.

This method of annoncements is user friendly and allows a great flexibility while respecting the solemnity inherent to these notices.

The wide scope of suggested notices allows a freedom of expression which respects everyone's individual aspirations.

These obituaty notices remain for a certain duration. The fact that they remain in place for a while allows a much wider readership than the traditional methods and consequently a much larger diffusion.

The possibility of distributing the notices through e-mail to a selected group of recepients makes it a very personal way of communicating similar to the notices sent by mail formerly.

The interactivty of the internet allows peole to express their condolences immediately on the site and the relatives of the deceased may bring a reply to condolences in a dignified manner directly online which spares them an often tedious administration at a difficult time.

The site also offers a few other services such as directories but will not stray from its main purpose of offering a site for obituary notices.

You are an individual ?
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The site is accessible to individuals as well as to professionals of mortuary companies.

  • Individuals can create their notices directly on the site and it will appear immediately. Corrections can be made later if necessary.
  • Mortuary companies register to obtain an access code that allows them to access administration services for the notices they have placed.

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Are you having difficulties ?

If you've run into difficulties or you wish to comment, do not hesitate to contact us. Before doing so, please first consult our FAQ page which answers many questions.

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